NSCA Contacts

Caring for the Community Since 1956

2017-18 Officers (Click names to email)

President: Ken Balbuena  (703) 851-8505

Vice President: Scott Pratt (571) 238-0574
Secretary: Pam McCarthy (703) 927-2950

Treasurer: Nancy Moore (703) 750-2170

Board-Level Committee Chairs
Beautification: Ed Stock (703) 256-8174
Braddock District Council: Matt Gurrola (202) 270-1959
Community Service: Ron Kinzer (703) 941-6415
Fairfax Federation: Vacant. Need a Volunteer!
Legal/Registered Agent: Dorene Haney (703) 256-1688
Membership: Tricia Barnes (703) 354-0134
Minority Outreach: Ivan Carrasco (703) 462-9474
Neighborhood Watch: Jeff Schaefer (703) 307-8499
Parks: Chet McLaren (703) 866-6494
Planning & Zoning: Norma Heck (703) 256-1332
PTA Liaison: Vacant. Need a Volunteer!
Senior Outreach: Keith Brown (703) 658-4141
Non-Board Committee Chairs
Neighborhood Outreach: Emma Trollerud
Newsletter Editor: Sue Ellen Mann (703) 354-2124
Newsletter Graphic Designer: Vacant. Need a Volunteer!
NSCA relies heavily on volunteers to accomplish all it does. NSCA has no paid staff like an HOA, and your $15 voluntary dues go a long way to support the work of the civic association. NSCA's officers are elected at the May meeting each year. Committee chairs are appointed by the president and confirmed by the board. Click here to read more about each committee.