NSCA Town Hall on Lake Accotink

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On March 21st, the NSCA hosted a virtual town hall regarding the future of Lake Accotink’s dredging project. The goal was to alert neighbors of the swift and significant change in direction for the project, and to inform the community that Fairfax County is now recommending the lake be allowed to fill in from upstream sediment runoff. We wanted to make sure that the neighborhood knew of immediate opportunities to voice concerns to the county. It was widely attended with 95 participants, thanks to the graciousness of our neighborhood newsletter distributors, who quickly organized to spread the word with flyers of the event. 

The event opened with a recap of the Lake Accotink dredging project, including background of county groups involved, timeline, and reference material. It also included links for submitting public comment to the county and contact information to reach out to the board of supervisors.

Dr. Joe Wood joined the town hall as the main guest speaker. Dr. Wood is a Senior Virginia Scientist at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and provided an engaging presentation on the considerations of wildlife and downstream impacts from man-made lakes and dams. While Dr. Wood, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, does not hold a position on the decision, he still kindly entertained a large number of questions from our neighbors on what we may expect if Lake Accotink were to be allowed to fill in. We’re grateful for Dr. Wood’s time and expertise to stir up questions and interest from our community to make more informed opinions or take action.

Public comment period regarding the Lake Accotink dredging project closed as of April 1st. However, questions or other concerns about the future of Lake Accotink and its communities can still be brought to any of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors before their upcoming vote (date still TBD).

The  full virtual town hall event recording can be viewed without being logged into or having a Facebook account.

If you feel drawn to this issue, be sure to  join the NSCA to stay informed and hear ways that you can take action or be involved in the issues that directly impact our community.


Additional Resources from Dr. Wood